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Änderung des Links zur Portalseite “My Interfisc Online”


Änderung des Links zur Portalseite “My Interfisc Online”

Wenn Sie Kunde unserer niederländischen Lohnbuchhaltung (Interfisc B.V.) sind, lesen Sie die folgende Meldung, in englischer Sprache, sorgfältig und informieren Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter um Fragen zu vermeiden.

Mid-March 2021, our software provider Unit4 was taken-over by the company Exact. As a result of this not only did Unit4 change its name into ‘Software Gemak’, but also the URL to download the salary statement and other payroll related output has been changed for both the employer and employee.

As of May 1, 2021 the new URL will be You will have to use this URL/web address to download your documents. As of May 1 the old URL is no longer operational.

If you use the login via our website nothing has changed. We have adjusted the URL.

If you or your employees have saved the “old” address on any device, please make sure to update the address. Also the link to the smart website of Software Gemak (in Dutch: de slimme website) has changed. Via this link the manual (in Dutch) for the smart website can be accessed ‘Slimme website’.

We have already updated our manuals:

If the signal you receive, after 1 May 2021, redirects you to the old URL/address, please note we have informed our provider to adjust this. In this case, please login using our website.

Kind regards,

Your Dutch Interfisc payroll team

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Publicatiedatum: 04 /05 /2021